Sending a Thank You Notes after an Interview

A simple thank you could be the difference between getting the job and not getting the job. You have worked hard finding an open position, submitting a resume, and then preparing for the interview. Your interview went well but the work is not done. After the interview is over you should send the hiring manager or human resource manager a thank you note. This could mean the difference between getting the job or not.

The thank you note serves many purposes. It shows you appreciate the time the hiring manager took to meet with you; it reminds them that you are interested in the position, it demonstrates good follow through, and it shows you have good manners. Some items to include in your thank you note are:

  • The hiring manager’s name
  • The title of the open position
  • Something specific about the interview or important items discussed
  • Your interest in the position
  • Your appreciation for their time (the “thank you” part)
  • Your recognition of the next steps in the hiring process
  • Your contact information

The thank you note does not have to be a long letter. You can keep it simple and still show your appreciation. The thank you note can help you stand out among other potential candidates. You have put a lot of effort to get this far in your job search; going that extra length could help you reach your goal of getting a job.

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