In addition to having hard working and very dedicated staff, The Arc DCGN also has staff with great culinary skills.  We make up reasons to get together and share food.  Recently we celebrated National Chili Day with a Chili Cook-Off. 

We had six contestants who brought out their best chili recipe to compete in the contest.  The rules were tough and competition was stiff.  Contestants had to make enough chili for 10-15 people, list all the ingredients, let the tasters know if it was hot, medium or mild, but could not disclose who made the chili. 

So as to not show any favoritism, our panels of judges were chosen from our neighbors in our office building.  Judges rated the chili by color, aroma, texture, heat, and flavor.  Special thanks to Shawn Sanders, Urban League, Anne Long, National Association of Social Workers Tennessee Chapter and Chrystal Liles of Central Defense.  All three took their job as a chili judge very seriously.  A very special thanks to Cindy Gardner with Special Needs Law Center for their sponsorship of the event.

Our chili cookers were:  Anna Flatt, Monique Jenkins, Nancy Rainey, Sarah Reeves, Daphne Redd, and Jessica Arnold. 

Prizes were awarded to Anna Flatt as 1st Place, Monique Jenkins as 2nd Place, and Sarah Reeves as 3rd Place winner.