It is OK to Ask for Help

As we become adults we learn that it is important to do things for ourselves. In all areas of our lives such as home, social circles, and work; being independent shows the world that we are no longer dependent on others to get what we want and need. While being independent is an important part of being an adult it does not mean we can’t ask for help, especially on the job.

When to Ask for Help:

  • When you don’t understand something asked of you

  • Find a task difficult to master

  • Just not connecting with the tasks required to be successful at your job

How to Ask for Help:

  • Ask what something means if you don’t know

  • Say you don’t understand

  • Say you are confused and need clarification

Who to Ask for Help:

  • Supervisor

  • Co-worker

  • Friend

  • Family member

  • Service Provider

Knowing where your challenges lie and looking to others to help you overcome those challenges shows your understanding of yourself and your drive to be successful and independent. Asking for help or assistance does not mean you are not independent because in the end it will be up to you to decide how to use the help given. It could as simple as asking a question, getting the answer, and putting that information to use or as complicated as asking for resources needed to help you get the job done. What is important is that you contribute to the solution and take action to implement the ideas given to you. By asking for help and taking action once help is given shows that you are a team player, want to be successful, and can understand your challenges but not let them get in your way.