Mock Interviews: Preparing for the Job Search

For the past school year The Arc Davidson County has been in four of the Metro Nashville Community Based Transition Program (CBTP) classrooms. During this time we worked with students on self-led IEP’s, self advocacy and employment skills. We did this through classroom instructions and various exercises. We had a great time! To conclude the employment skills portion of our time with the students, and to wrap up everything we had discussed throughout the year, The Arc had the honor of holding mock interviews with one of the Community Based Classrooms.

The feedback from the interviews was important for the students (and anyone else participating) so they know what to work on and how to prepare for the real thing!

Preparing for a job search can never start too early!

Interviewing can be one of the most intimidating experiences for anyone. Conducting mock interviews is a great way to help ease anxieties for the job applicant and teaches valuable communication skills. Mock interviews can  also help you collect your thoughts, learn more about a specific company and/or position, and help gain confidence. We highly recommend it.

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